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Model Citizen Dispatch

Taking care of business so you can focus on the road!


Profitable loads
& Track 
Additional Pay

We negotiate top paying loads with the least amount of wear & tear on your truck

We make sure you get  what you are owned including TONU, detentions, layovers, lumper fees etc.


We handle paperwork se you don't have to. We keep records of BOLs, PODs, invoices, contracts etc. 


You can trust us to be professional and communicate with all parties for a smooth experience


Pricing is transparent and at a set rate. No hidden fees or lengthy contracts. We provides the highest quality of service

Personalized Service 
24/7 Support

We are always available for you

Day & Night

We care about your preferences and home time. We strive to build relationships with you to ensure you are satisfied with our services

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Now Accepting


Dry Vans


Power Only

Must have:
-Active MC Authority
-Certificate of Insurance
-100K Cargo Insurance
-1MIL Liability Insurance

Must fill out entire
Carrier Packet that will be provided